A Step Into (Analisys Phase)

To provide our stakeholder with some kind of effort planning we need to step a little bit deeper into requirements, both functional and systemic (also known as non-functional).

At an architecture level we will stick with the proven five tiers and five layers approach depicted and described in the SmartWeb framework architecture documentation.

Functional Requirements Analisys

A lot of questions can grow up just thinking a little bit on the stakeholder first interview highlighting how much blurred his vision is.

Whatever your process is (waterfall, incremental, or anything else) you will gradually arrive to refine the initial picture to something like the following.

to be completed...

Systemic Qualities Analisys

The stakeholder main concern seems to be the product scalability, but in a way he mentioned maintainability (the standalone application stuff) and security (the private back-office area) too.

Obviusly there are other aspects the stakeholder ignores or simply was mistakingly underestimating.

to be completed...

Requirements Gathering Phase
Design Phase