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Applications based on this framework should give credit and visibility to this site and the software hereby developed through a link to this site in their home, about or credits page.

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The following alphabetically ordered list contains projects developed on the SmartWeb framework. If you want to add your project to this list please post your request as a reply to the Linkback Requests topic on our forum.


A web application for italian school system drop-out monitoring and analysis

Produced by: SmartLab s.r.l.
Framework: 1.1.8
Modules: auth (0.1.0), registry (0.1.0)
Environment: One Linux virtual server (probably Red-Hat with Virtuozzo) running JBoss AS 4.0.2 on Sun JVM 1.5 and PostgreSQL 7.2


Java web application providing a pure AJAX based HTTP/HTML client for secure shell access (SSH)

Produced by: Roberto Lo Giacco
Framework: 1.2.3
Modules: none
Environment: it has been tested on JBoss AS 4.2.2 on Sun JVM 1.5 and PostgreSQL 8.1