As many open source projects The SmartWeb framework have to thanks not only the developers and the users community but some supporting companies too as they provide us licenses, bandwith, space adn all sort of things which usually you should pay for.

Here follows the list of companies supporting the project.

  • SourceForge provides us the web space, the Subversion repository and all other tools in it's great platform;

    Hosted by SourceForge
  • Cenqua is providing us it's Clover code coverage tool with Maven plugin AND it's Fisheye web interface to our Subversion repository;

    Supported by Cenqua Project Supported by FishEye
  • Gentleware provides us it's UML diagramming tool;

    Sponsored by Apollo for Eclipse
  • ejTechnologies have issued free license of their profiling tool;

    Sponsored by ejTechnologies
To all of them our sincere thanks for their kindly support!