The Vision (Requirements Gathering Phase)

Hereby is presented a summary of the first interview with an imaginary stakeholder presenting his own business vision and system requirements, both actual and long term. While the imaginary stakeholder is speaking you should draw something to focus on his requirements, like the following diagram:

Our needs are to sell goods and services through a web interface, allowing our customers to register once and buy repeatedly.

The goods and services catalog could be browsed without any restriction and must be structured to allow a directory-like browsing while allowing for both structured and unstructured searches.

Whenever a customer wants to access the ordering procedure he must register himself into the system providing both shipping and contacting informations, not necessarily identical; in addition the shipping infos could be changed on a per shipment basis (allowing gifts shopping).

We need to self-manage the catalog entries and structure throughout our employees which will have access to an access restricted, back-office management page set.

Since we are starting from the ground up we don't have any estimates on growth expectations so the system should be able to scale smoothly, starting from a basis of few hundreds transactions per week: we expect our hardware investments to gracefully scale with our customer basis.

In case the site will grow up in audience we will need to internationalize the catalog allowing for multilanguage descriptions and multicurrency pricings.

Hopefully the site will have enough success to allow us to deploy a fleet of selling agents: in that case each agent will be provided with some sort of device (may be a Java enabled smartphone) on top of which a to-be-developed cutomized interface will provide fast, offline and personalized access to the catalog and shopping facilities.

Analisys Phase