Refining the work (Design Phase)

During this phase we try to put in place all the things we know about the final system, whatever the grade of refinement we reached.

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We start with a web statechart diagram trying to design the user navigational experience with the system:

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First of all a more detailed description of the business processes is needed to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Depending on your work process you may need to completely define a process (waterfall) or just lay down an initial layout (iterative-incremental): in both cases the framework doesn't infringe nor contrasts your needs.

Usually business processes matches verbs used by the stakeholder during his interviews.

As an example here is the definition of the shopping process and the defined steps and conditions:

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Entities involved in the processes need to be defined at least at an high level including the entities relations (many-to-one, many-to-many and so on). Take care of the entities name: they are almost the names the stakeholder used during his interviews.

Here is the entities-relationships definition of the shop system:

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Analisys Phase
Development Phase