Changes Report

Release History

1.2.132009 oct 05Bugfix
1.2.122009 sep 29Update
1.2.112009 aug 07Update
1.2.102009 jun 26Bugfix
1.2.92009 may 22Bugfix
1.2.82009 feb 24Bugfix
1.2.72008 oct 10Bugfix
1.2.62008 oct 01Bugfix
1.2.52008 jun 08Bugfix
1.2.42008 apr 30Update
1.2.32007 aug 01Bugfix
1.2.22007 jul 08Bugfix
1.2.12007 jul 07Bugfix
1.2.02006 nov 30First LGPL release
1.1.92006 nov 17Bugfix
1.1.82006 may 01Initial codebase

Release 1.3.0 - unscheduled

updatenullMove interfaces to Java Generics Fixes 2867686.rlogiacco
addManagement features Fixes 1610095.rlogiacco
updateDrop SmartConfig library in favor of commons-configrlogiacco

Release 1.2.13 - 2009 oct 05

fixDeserialization makes BusinessObjects logger unusablerlogiacco
fixWar packaging blocks BusinessObjectFactory configurationrlogiacco

Release 1.2.12 - 2009 sep 29

fixWrong compile dependency: org.mockejb Fixes 2842072.rlogiacco
fixActionException action.method.error not describing the cause Fixes 2846929.rlogiacco
updateDeprecated the listByKeySet(String, Set, SearchInfo) methodrlogiacco
addAdded BusinessObjectFactory test cases and improved implementation robustnessrlogiacco
Added listByKeySet(Set, SearchInfo, boolean) method on BusinessObjectFactoryrlogiacco
fixConversion exception with component properties Fixes 2810272.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.11 - 2009 aug 07

updateImproved historical datas automated management supportrlogiacco
addAdded support for fetch override for list and pagerlogiacco
fixAdd IN condition to SearchInfo Fixes 2823003.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.10 - 2009 jun 26

fixSearchInfo, null value or blank error in filter construction Fixes 2803394.rlogiacco
fixOverrides for the addFilter method in SearchInfo Fixes 2808485.rlogiacco
fixW3C validation for paginate tag Fixes 2811487. Thanks to cpiacente.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.9 - 2009 may 22

fixAdding IS_NULL and IS_NOT_NULL SearchInfo condition Fixes 2161538.rlogiacco
addEnterprise grade application support completedrlogiacco
fixException creating an ILIKE filter in SearchInfo using %% Fixes 2788866.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.8 - 2009 feb 24

updateUpdated dependencies to latest stable revisions: struts 1.3.10 and hibernate 1.3.6.garlogiacco
fixant template including too much libraries Fixes 2174930.rlogiacco
fixaction.error.valorize with null value in a Date type of data Fixes 2621512.rlogiacco
updateAdded toString, equals and hashCode implementations to SearchInfo and SearchInfo.Filterrlogiacco
updateCompleted AbstractArchiveAction static methods implementation and applied some small optimizationsrlogiacco
fixFixed string parsing in SearchInforlogiacco
fixAdded test casesrlogiacco
fixPaginate tag generates HTML validation failure Fixes 2616374.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.7 - 2008 oct 10

fixSearchInfo not implementing Serializable interface Thanks to gcontartese.rlogiacco
updateImproved documentation and javadocsrlogiacco
fixDataAccessObject.SearchInfo doesn't work properly with date Fixes 2150153.rlogiacco
fixCould listByKeySet(...) work with Serializable keys? Fixes 2150057.rlogiacco
fixFixed bug in sessions caching affecting unit testsrlogiacco
fixFixed Enumeration and StringEnumeration null value handlingrlogiacco

Release 1.2.6 - 2008 oct 01

fixConverted AbstractArchiveAction utility methods to staticrlogiacco
fixFixed bug in BusinessObjectFactory.convertKey() non recognizing empty String as a non-persisted instancerlogiacco
fixFixed bug in Enumeration persist code which prevents valorization from actionsrlogiacco
fixFixed StringEnumeration and PropertiesEnumeration implementationsrlogiacco
fixFixed DynaAction reverse lookup featurerlogiacco

Release 1.2.5 - 2008 jun 08

updateRenamed ConfigurationStrategy to FactoryConfigurationStrategyrlogiacco
fixTomcatConfigurationStrategy is unusable Fixes 1973860. Thanks to S├ębastien Le Callonnec.rlogiacco
updateUpdated distribution packages generationrlogiacco
fixAdded LGPL license to JAR filerlogiacco
fixFixed mailing list linksrlogiacco
fixMultiple Hibernate Session per request not Supported Fixes 1970648.gperrone

Release 1.2.4 - 2008 apr 30

fixSlow pagination using Hibernate Query Fixes 1610076.gperrone
addAdded configuration strategy support for domain configurationrlogiacco
addAdded configuration strategy support for domain configurationrlogiacco
fixBooleanConverter error converting a null Boolean object Fixes 1828663.gperrone
fixError loading configuration file Fixes 1828572.svetrini
fixSearchInfo ilike operator required Fixes 1826714.gperrone
fixSlow pagination using Hibernate Query Fixes 1610076.gperrone
fixSearchInfo Like Filter does not work Fixes 1823482.gperrone
fixPaginator with ResultTransformer doesn't work Fixes 1778491.gperrone
fixMissing property attribute on paginate tag Fixes 1731932.gperrone
fixBroken compatibility to Java Runtime 1.4 Fixes 1781469.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.3 - 2007 aug 01

fixHibernate configuration file included into core JAR Fixes 1765658.rlogiacco
fixRuntimeException on Domain instantiation Fixes 1765655.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.2 - 2007 jul 08

fixWrong interface declared for BusinessObject Fixes 1749937.gperrone

Release 1.2.1 - 2007 jul 07

fixMultiple Paginator in same JSP fails Fixes 1714866.gperrone
updateImproved documentationrlogiacco
updateUpdated to Hibernate 3.2.4.sp1rlogiacco
updateUpdated to Struts 1.3.8rlogiacco
updateMoved JUnit extension to a separate projectrlogiacco
updateCompleted migration to Maven2rlogiacco
addIDE templates available for downloadrlogiacco
fixConfigurability support missing from release Fixes 1765652.rlogiacco

Release 1.2.0 - 2006 nov 30

addAdd configurability support to Domain Fixes 1743799.rlogiacco
addAdded architecture documentationrlogiacco
addAdded user guide and code exampleslcofone
updateSwitched to LGPL licenserlogiacco
updateReorganized sources on a by-module basisrlogiacco

Release 1.1.9 - 2006 nov 17

updateUpdated to Hibernate 3.1.2rlogiacco
updateUpdated to Struts 1.2.9rlogiacco
updateImproved pagination supportrlogiacco
fixMultiple bugs resolvedrlogiacco

Release 1.1.8 - 2006 may 01

addTo allow sharing of previous codebase for further development and retrofitting compatibilityrlogiacco