We generate it for you!
You just define your business elements (we call them Business Objects) and we generate most of the sources and resources you will need to build your application! The SmartWeb Generator is available as a Maven 2 plugin or as a Java standalone application and can generate templating JSPs, configuration files, source files and test cases!
Quick start
We provide project templates for widely adopted IDEs for you to download and quickly become productive on the SmartWeb framework
From the ground up
If your approach is to learn things starting from code, download our simple example which aggregates only few modules
Down to the code
If you prefer to learn things following a problem solution step by step we are still working to provide a fully featured tutorial
Until the heart
If you want to know where to go, take a look to our user guide

The SmartWeb framework is targeted to support rapid development of simple to complex web applications, leading to clean and stable code development. It's builded over consolidated open source frameworks and features the most useful design patterns and architectural solutions.

The need to develop web applications adhering to architectural standard qualities like scalability and maintainability without having the development team to constantly deal with architectural concerns have born the SmartWeb project.

The framework code is mainly based on the widely and industrially adopted open source frameworks Jakarta Struts and Hibernate.

Based on the well known five tiers architecture this framework gives guidelines and support on the business tier development mostly delegating to the forementioned frameworks the presentation and persistence tier concerns and adding the needed glue to provide a clean and quality proven architecture.

Code produced on this framework easily respond to quality standards and result a lot easier both to write and to understand allowing:

  • development team specialization due to separation of concerns
  • developers exchangeability due to clear design
  • easier code maintenance as result from previous statements
  • application scalability on different layers
  • component reuse due to modularity on all tiers
  • and much more...


Development speed-up is easily achieved through reuse, but it's hard to find out a component which fully satisfies our project needs: that's why we choose to provide not only a development framework but some extendible and customizable modules to solve common problems like:
  • dinamically pluggable and customizable authentication, authorization and accounting
  • registry management with support for advanced features
  • news providing, feeding and redistribution
  • marketing linking traceability
  • advanced upload and download management
  • and whatever idea you wish to share with us!
Our shared modules provide everything you need to produce a web application, including:
  • extensible and higly customizable business classes
  • SQL schema scripts to generate and initialize your database
  • XHTML compliant JSPs and all related resources (images, script, etc...)
  • customized Hibernate configuration and mapping files
  • Jakarta Struts modularized configuration files
A complete listing of the already available modules and the ones still in design phase is available in the modules section.